Wing Bearing Drive Shaft Capabilities

The wing bearing design has been the standard in the off-highway industry for decades. Wing bearing drive shafts and couplers can be most often found in the mining industry, as well as many other industries, such as:

  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Forestry

What makes the wing bearing design popular is its allowance of easy maintenance andaccessibility with its four bolt attachment design. This design makes it much easier to change the drive shaft and its universal joints.

What Sets the Wing Bearing Design Apart?
The wing bearing design allows for torque transfer by keys on the bearing caps. These keys fit together with keyways machined into the mating yokes. This design offers significant benefit to applications that require continuous load changes or are subject to shock loads.

Our Inventory of Wing Bearing Drive Shafts
Machine Service has an extensive inventory of wing bearing parts in stock, from the small 2C series, all the way up to the industrious 15C series. With our extensive inventory, we will be able to meet any application requirements you may have, including any emergency repairs or shipments.

Contact a Machine Service Drive Shaft Specialist today to find out which Wing Bearing Drive Shaft fits with your application.