GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN – Machine Service Inc. will supply the key composite drive shaft system to optimize the performance of Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) manufactured by Oshkosh Corporation for the U.S. Military.

MSI is the established provider of high quality driveshaft solutions for many industries. Adapting modern day technology to produce light weight drive shafts out of advanced materials, this design has proven to outperform any of the previous steel versions. These drive shafts weigh a fraction of the conventional designs.   Their torsional and inertial characteristics help achieve a better overall performance on the vehicle with smoother power transfer and added safety while absorbing vibrations.   The new Hybrid Drive Shaft (HDS) are a combined effort of MSI driveline professionals and aerospace technology. This ingenious engineering effort of integrating carbon fiber properties together with other lightweight materials was awarded several patents.  Additionally, MSI’s shafts have a superior critical speed and elastic limits never seen before.

“Basically, this means the drive shafts can be made stronger, lighter and longer than ever before. This opens opportunities to be more creative in chassis design configurations, “said Bernie Pisinger Engineering Manager of MSI.

Machine Service Inc. has been involved with the U.S. military and dates back decades to the Persian Gulf War in Kuwait when they manufactured drive shafts for military support vehicles. MSI also critically assisted Oshkosh with the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) contract, the MATV. This involved supplying thousands of drivelines on a DX priority contract in a few months’ time.

“For more than 40 years MSI has been supplying high quality American made drivelines in vehicles for the U.S. Military,” said Bryan Schultz, Executive General Manager of MSI. “Customers are the most important asset of our business and we value the trust that Oshkosh has put in MSI and our dedicated employees.”

Currently, MSI is providing the most technically advanced drive shafts for the enhanced safety of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). Thousands of the vehicles will provide protection for our warfighters for decades to come. They take pride in providing safe, world class solutions and look forward to the new challenges in todays dynamic military.

Published 3-19-2018