MSI specializes in innovative configurations to meet your stringent application requirements. Special requirements and unique enhancements are common for our customers. Therefore, many of our parts are exclusively customized to extend the life of the component as well as the system they power.

Sometimes you just need the right part right away. We also carry standard parts in many series that we inventory to meet the just-in-time demands of todays fast-paced industry.

Companion Flanges

What a Companion Flange Does A companion flange, sometimes referred to as a hub, allows connection of a flange yoke to another type of connection, for proper torque transfer. The flange yoke is bolted with either through holes or threaded holes to the appropriate companion flange, which has some other form of connection, primarily bore…… Read more »

Tube Yoke (Weld Yoke)

What a Tube Yoke Does A tube yoke, commonly referred to as a “weld yoke”, is a simple but critical component of any drive shaft. The technical definition of a tube yoke is a yoke with a piloting hub for attachment of a tube. The tube yoke is typically pressed onto the tube, along with the… Read more »

Tube Shaft (Stub)

What a Tube Shaft Does A tube shaft is a drive shaft component that is used with a slip yoke, which in turn allows for axial movement. Most tube shafts  have blue colored splines. That blue color is often referred to as glidecoat, which is a nylon coating that is used to prevent premature wear of… Read more »

Slip Yoke Assemblies

What a Slip Yoke Does The slip yoke is an important component of any drive shaft assembly. The slip yoke assembly (pictured on the right) is what allows drive shafts and PTOs to flex or “slip” with their given application. The slip yoke is also essential for allowing u-joints to rotate properly with the drive… Read more »