Tube Shaft StubWhat a Tube Shaft Does
A tube shaft is a drive shaft component that is used with a slip yoke, which in turn allows for axial movement. Most tube shafts  have blue colored splines. That blue color is often referred to as glidecoat, which is a nylon coating that is used to prevent premature wear of the part.

There are a few interchangeable terms for tube shafts: “stub shafts”, “slip stubs”, and “stubs”. All of these terms are used throughout the industry to help identify the large array of tube shafts available on the market. They come in an assortment of dimensions to compensate for the different strengths needed in the infinite amount of applications that they are used in.

Proper Maintenance for Tube Shafts
During the assembly or inspection of a drive shaft, there should be special attention paid to the space between the tube shaft (stub shaft) and the tube. That space is where the weld seam is and it should be closely inspected for pin holes, undercutting and other improper welding techniques. If the weld is defective, a shear point is created and the chance of a failure is greatly increased. See our Technical 101 page for more information on proper welding techniques.
Stub, finished-6-40-521

Machine Service's Full Line of Tube Shafts

MSI Part #SeriesSpline( L )Spline LengthTube Size( R )Hub Diameter( T )End of Spline to Point of Radius( K )End of Spline to Point of WeldStandard Part #
2-40-1711MS12801.38"-162.25"2.50" x .083"W2.34"5.62"6.34"2-40-1711
2-40-1711MS13101.38"-162.25"2.50" x .083"W2.34"5.62"6.34"2-40-1711
3-40-1611MS13501.50"-162.50"3" x .083"W2.84"6.44"7.25"3-40-1611
3-40-1531MS14101.50"-163"3.50" x .083"W3.34"5.62"6.56"3-40-1531
3-40-1491MS14101.50"-163"3.50" x .083"W3.34"6.39"7.53"3-40-1491
3-40-1711MS14101.56"-165"3" x .083"W2.84"12.59"13.41"3-40-1711
3-40-1551MS14801.56"-163"4" x .083"W3.84"7.81"8.94"3-40-1551
3-40-1571MS14801.56"-163"3.50" x .083"W3.34"5.81"6.75"3-40-1571
3-40-1391MS14801.56"-163"3.50" x .083"W3.34"7.81"8.75"3-40-1391
4-40-721MS15501.75"-163"3.50" x .095"W3.32"8.25"9.22"4-40-721
4-40-761MS15501.75"-163"3.50" x .095"W3.32"5.81"6.78"4-40-761
5-40-1011MS16102"-163.50"3.50" x .134"W3.24"8.78"9.69"5-40-1011
5-40-1041MS16102"-163.50"3.50" x .134"W3.24"9.28"10.19"5-40-1041
5-40-1191MS16102"-163.50"3.50" x .134"W3.24"6.66"7.56"5-40-1191
5-40-1051MS16102"-163.50"4" x .134"W3.74"8.78"9.84"5-40-1051
6-40-521MS17102.50"-164"4" x .134"W3.74"9.56"10.56"6-40-521
6-40-521MS17102.50"-164"4.09" x .180"W3.74"9.56"10.56"6-40-521
6-40-541MS17102.50"-164"4" x .134"W3.74"8.25"9.25"6-40-541
6-40-541MS17102.50"-164"4.09" x .180"W3.74"8.25"9.25"6-40-541
6-40-621MS17102.50"-164"4.50" x .134"W4.24"9.47"10.65"6-40-621
6-40-631MS17102.50"-164"4.50" x .134"W4.24"8.31"9.50"6-40-631
6-40-711MS17102.50"-164"4" x .134"W3.74"7.43"8.44"6-40-711
6-40-541MS17602.50"-164"4.06" x .165"W3.74"8.25"9.25"6-40-541
6.5-40-191MS18103"-164.50"4.50" x .134"W4.24"10.03"11.25"6.5-40-191
6.5-40-201MS18103"-164.50"4.50" x .134"W4.24"8.41"9.47"6.5-40-201
8-40-91MS18103"-164.50"4.50" x .259"W4"8.59"9.91"8-40-91
8-40-101MS18103"-164.50"4.50" x .259"W4"10.22"11.53"8-40-101
8-40-91MS18803"-164.50"4.50" x .259"W4"8.59"9.90"8-40-91
8-40-101MS18803"-164.50"4.50" x .259"W4"10.22"11.53"8-40-101
9-42-311MS19504.167"-24 Inv.6.50"5.25" x ,375"W4.50"11.94"13.47"9-42-311
9-42-421MS19504.167"-24 Inv.6.50"6" x .500"W5.15"11.94"13.47"9-42-421
9-42-281MS20505.835"-34 Inv.9.50"8"x .375"W7.38"12.88"14.50"9-42-281
9-42-351MS20505.835"-34 Inv.9.50"8"x .375"W7.38"14.97"16.60"9-42-351
9-42-301MS21505.835"-34 Inv.12"9"x .625"W8"17.56"19.63"9-42-301