MSI has acquired a new process for bonding driveshafts together to outperform the traditional welding shafts. The new design utilizes a composite tube specialized for the defense, space, aviation, industrial, marine, and automotive industries. The bonding fusion is consistent with the contact area and allows for a high transverse load never seen before. The orientation of the graphite fibers reduces the residence of the torsional spring rate creating a smoother and softer engagement. New robust lightweight aluminum end fittings deliver extra strength with half the weight of the comparable carbon steel component. This patented technology is only available in the composite design.

Furthermore, it uses an inverted slip with a protective sealing lip to reduce any type of contamination that would threaten the life of the slip arrangement. Compiled with the patented involute spline, this shaft offers a great many advantages to the old exposed type such as more tooth surface area engagement and a teflon coating to reduce the friction for the slip that limits the axel load of the universal joints. This improvement will increase the lifespan of the universal joint as well as the slip mechanism.

This all new design will save you on weight for better mileage and payload, added strength and life and softer operation for long associated components longevity. Also less moving parts because one shaft can replace the standard two piece design.

Less weight, safer, and more reliable. The better performance solution for today’s most demanding professional and real-world environments around the world.

Published 1-1-2016