Heavy-duty truck markets are continuing to demand advanced and lightweight powertrain systems.  From the engine to the axle, more integrated designs are required.  The focus is not only to save on fuel costs but to increase drivetrain lifespan while lowering maintenance requirements.  A slower RPM means higher torque values. A higher axle ratio results in improved fuel mileage.  These are the challenges that face the industry today. MSI is meeting these challenges with innovative designs to incorporate in powertrain systems.

Today, MSI is leading the charge with a patented carbon composite driveshaft assembly design which includes the use of specially manufactured aluminum alloy components.  Not only does this lessen the weight of the driveline by as much as two thirds, it also improves the overall lifespan of the system.  Carbon fiber’s unique vibration and harmonics dampening characteristics soak up the vibration similar to dropping a sponge or paper towel into a pool of water.  These properties help to reduce the torsional and residual flex which produces less stress on the powertrain system.  In addition, these composite characteristics can be customized in size for specific applications.

Many of the automotive, commercial, industrial, defense, and marine industry leaders have chosen this high performance composite shaft design as a cost effective solution to be utilized on everything from daily applications to extreme performance racing automobiles and class 8 rated vehicles.

Published 2-11-2016